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How Aysha made 500k in 10 months

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How Aysha made 500k in 10 months

See How Aysha Made Over $500,000 For Her Business…

..By AUTOMATING Her Client Acquisition

Aysha first reached out to us in mid-2020 when she thought she needed help with her Facebook ads.

Aysha was trying a lot of different marketing strategies, trying to sell her online program, but no matter what she tried, nothing seemed to work.

Aysha thought the answer was “better marketing”, but after booking a call with us, quickly discovered that the problem was stemming from her foundations (offer, messaging, targeting, etc).

As soon as we started working together, Aysha got to work re-building her foundations.

Together, we were able to craft a customised organic strategy to generate her “Proof Of Concept”.

Did it work?

It worked so well that within ONE WEEK Aysha was able to generate $21,000 in sales!

And it didn’t stop there…

With “Proof Of Concept” in hand, Aysha built out an automated marketing system, which has since generated over $500,000.

Aysha has an incredible story and tomorrow she will be joining us LIVE to share that story with you.

We will be pulling back the curtain, taking an in-depth look at the specific tactical and strategical steps Aysha implemented over the past few months…

..To grow her monthly revenue to over $70,000/month.

If you’re excited to hear Aysha’s story & want to learn how to apply the strategies she used to SUPERCHARGE your business, then join us LIVE Tuesday at 4pm AEST.

If you can’t make it live for any reason, type “REPLAY” below and we’ll send you the replay link first thing Wednesday morning!

If you’re looking for more clients for your business and want to automate your client acquisition this training is going to be a must-see.

I look forward to seeing you there on Tuesday.


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